Bella, Megs and Tauphan in the goat paddock


Sea and Moon sleeping



Steph feeding Crys'
Queenie   Midgee and Ginger in the goat paddock Pi and Warrior


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Waygara Stud: Goats, sheep, dogs, guinea fowl, chooks, rabbits, guinea pigs and more!!! We also run a fully-insured Petting Farm/Animals Nursery. For more information visit the Waygara Petting Farm website.
Update 11th December 2011: Lots more has been happening recently, and as this website is hard to update and add to, I have created a new website. Check out www.waygara.com We now also have ponies and they can be hired for rides at our petting farms. Check out our new Petting Farm site at http://waygara.com/index.php/waygara-petting-farm for more information. This site still has a lot of information, though much is out of date, so feel free to look around. You may want to check out the new website before asking about our animals though.
  We breed purebred Poodles, some breeds of chooks, and Toggenburg goats, also crossbred dogs, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chooks etc.

  Check the For Sale page for animals for sale - currently chooks, dogs, guinea pigs and muscovie ducks. (regularly updated)
Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

   For more info on our animals other than goats, check the Other Animals page. Some animals for sale are from SkyDreams or Kudumba studs.

 On the Goats specifially:

   We are developing a strain of
friendly, trainable, bombproof, pretty, and showable dairy goats, Toggenburgs and some crossbreds with personality and individualism. Trainable enough to be taught to pull carts, carry packs and peform tricks. Quiet enough to take littlies for rides or be pets around dogs, horses, sheep, other goats, and children. Quality enough to be shown with success. Wethers and does (and bucks most of the time) can be taken for walks, be house trained, use dog flaps, peform tricks and provide hours of entertainment. Our bucks are quiet, friendly, gentle, and altogether lovely boys. They are not nasty, and even very small children can control them out of breeding season. All our kids are dis-budded if not naturally polled, so don't grow horns, and also learn not to butt when small.

   All our goats are fed chaff, oats, barley, sunflower seeds, corn, molasses, some lupins,  Apple Cider Vinegar and have different mineral blocks and clean water available free choice. Our does milk up to 5 litres a day, though the average is about 3.5 - 4.0 litres, and are sweet as well, not looking over-bred or dull, and without the heaviness of step or look that is sometimes seen.  We are working for show quality goats, (though that goal is not yet fufilled and we ourselves don't show) with high production, good udder attachment, good length of body, depth of chest, well blended and strong shoulders, good legs and hooves, even temperaments and friendly personalities.
                                                                                      Great for family pets, showing, milking or all three!
            'All Bucks' and 'All Does' are Waygara/SkyDreams/Kudumba goats, (coming soon!) and the same goes for Harness/Pack.

 2010 kids have arrived!
 We had 12 Waygara kids, 2 SkyDreams kids, and 9 Kudumba kids born. Kidded chart is on For Sale page, as well as the 2011 Kidding schedule.

Breeding purebred Toggenburgs registered with the Dairy Goat Society of Australia.

Contact us by email HERE  (by removing the words DELETETHIS) or phone on: (03) 5154 3145 
We are located in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

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