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   You've got your six-year-old's birthday party coming up. You want to do something special. Or your annual Christmas break-up, or the fete you're organising, or ... ! Anyway, you're pulling your hair out wondering what you can do - without breaking the bank. Drum roll please! We present ... Waygara Petting Farm!

Waygara Petting Farm is a fully insured animal nursery with both large and small animals. We also have a goat Jinker/two wheeled cart, pulled by either of our capable wethers. (Wethers are neutered male goats.)

   Animals include: Goats, both kids and adults, sheep, both lambs (seasonally) and mother sheep, Guinea Pigs and rabbits of all ages, adult Silkies (a fluffy breed of chook) and various chicks, often puppies and
occasionally ducklings and keets, baby guinea fowl. Puppies are normally purebred Toy Poodles, but we have occasionally had other breeds. 

Many different styles and sizes of petting farm are available. The Mini and Double Mini petting farm choices feature our small animals, while the Maxi petting farm includes larger animals such as goats, and occasionally lambs. We can do quotes for Custom petting farms with your choice of animals.
The Goat Jinker is an optional extra to any size petting farm for a small additional cost - see Prices.

We bring our own pens and hay bales for children to sit on, and adults are welcome to surpervise their children - or hold the critters too! Cloths for the children to hold the animals on, plus
baby wipes and gentle gel hand disinfectant to clean their hands, are also supplied.

We can cater to birthday parties, social get-togethers and large functions, or any other occasion.

All animals are 
loved and well cared-for, and for more information on our animal endevours check out Waygara Stud.

We are located near Orbost, East Gippsland, an hour from Bairnsdale and 30 min from Lakes Entrance. We will travel up to 100 km from Orbost free of charge. 

Created by 'Cazz & Djushi' on the 21st of March, 2011